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Slacker not only provides participants with a unique and challenging experience as the 'highest half-marathon in the country' but also serves as a powerful force for good in the community. Through its charitable initiatives, a portion of the proceeds from the event are donated annually to Friends of Charlie’s Place, Mount Evans Hospice, and CCMRD Youth Scholarship Fund. 


Support for Friends of Charlie’s Place:

  • Financial Contribution: The Slacker event is an active participant in contributing to the financial well-being of Friends of Charlie’s Place. These funds play a pivotal role in advancing Charlie’s Place's noble mission, supporting the operation of a no-kill shelter, facilitating the search for permanent homes for animals, and alleviating their suffering. The financial assistance provided by the Slacker event is instrumental in sustaining the shelter's critical initiatives.

  • Community Impact: The generous donations from the Slacker event reverberate throughout the local community, making a tangible impact. This support ensures that Charlie’s Place, as the sole animal shelter serving Clear Creek and Gilpin counties, can consistently maintain a clean and modern facility for orphaned animals. The community benefits from the continued existence of a well-equipped and compassionate shelter dedicated to the welfare of animals.

  • Navigating Budget Challenges: In the face of potential budget cuts, the financial backing from the Slacker event becomes even more vital for Charlie’s Place. This support is a lifeline that helps the shelter overcome financial hurdles, allowing it to persevere in its commitment to providing essential services for animals in need. By navigating these budget challenges, the Slacker event contributes to ensuring the ongoing welfare and well-being of countless animals under the care of Charlie’s Place.

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Support for Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice:

  • Financial Assistance: The Slacker event extends critical financial support to Mount Evans Hospice, playing a pivotal role in their mission to provide compassionate and high-quality in-home care to senior citizens across four counties (Jefferson, Clear Creek, Gilpin, and Park). This financial backing ensures that Mount Evans can sustain and enhance its services, contributing to the well-being of elderly members in the community.

  • Covering the Gap: Acknowledging the limitations of reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurances, donations from the Slacker event act as a lifeline by bridging the gap between available funds and the actual costs of delivering healthcare services. This support becomes particularly essential in navigating the unique challenges posed by the mountainous terrain of Colorado. By addressing this financial disparity, the Slacker event helps Mount Evans continue to provide vital healthcare services to senior citizens, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve in their homes.


Support for CCMRD Youth Sports Scholarship Fund:

  • Empowering Youth: The Slacker event, through its steadfast support for the CCMRD Youth Sports Scholarship Fund, plays a pivotal role in empowering local youth. By providing essential financial assistance, it ensures that all young individuals have equal access to a diverse range of sports and activities. This inclusive approach allows them to engage in sports programs, fostering not only athletic skills but also teamwork, personal development, and a sense of achievement.

  • Investing in the Future: Contributions to the CCMRD Youth Sports Scholarship Fund transcend mere financial support; they represent strategic investments in the future of the community. By nurturing the growth and potential of young individuals, the Slacker event actively contributes to the creation of a positive and thriving environment for the entire community. These investments reach far beyond the individual recipients, positively influencing the overall well-being of the community and laying the foundation for a healthier, more vibrant future.

By participating in the Slacker event, not only do individuals engage in a challenging physical endeavor, but they also become integral contributors to the welfare of animals, senior citizens, and the future of local youth.
It's a powerful example of a community coming together to make a positive impact on various fronts.

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