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Come join us for the highest DOWNHILL half marathon in the country and possibly the highest DOWNHILL 4 Mile Run!

Do not be misled by the name but this is the Slacker Half Marathon/4M Race! It is the highest downhill half marathon in the country---- beginning at 10,630 feet and traveling over a rolling hill descent to 8400 feet! The half marathon begins at Loveland Ski Area--BASIN and travels the first mile on dirt roads before joining a non-motorized paved bike path for five miles through a Forest Service area of wetlands and natural waterfalls on a trail built to sustain the weight of an ambulance!

The second 4.4 miles travel from Bakerville to Silver Plume along a paved frontage road with amazing views of the Continental Divide and mining remnants.

The last portion of the trail & the 4-Mile race travels from Silver Plume to Georgetown on a paved bike trail (and paved road) with scenic views of the Georgetown Loop Railroad and the largest Bighorn Sheep herd in the State!

The race ends in downtown Georgetown where there are more freebies than you know what to do with!

This is the FIFTEENTH annual Slacker Half Marathon/4M Race and we are offering three great races:

  • The Slacker Half Marathon
  • The Slacker Half Marathon 3-person Relay
  • The Slacker 4-Miler

This relay has a really great option! This year, one choice in the 3-person half marathon relay is you must have a physically challenged participant on your team to complete the second portion of the course (4.4 miles of newly paved road). The other option is the relay is open to everyone --just have 3 on a team!

Hey Slackers!
  JUNE 24, 2017
Slacker Races receives "Runner's Choice Award!"
Hey Slackers!


We cannot thank you enough for joining us at the 2016 Slacker Races!  
Our 15 year anniversary!
Our first-ever tie-dye race shirt!

We had approximately 1920 racers, 18 relay teams, 360 4-milers, and around 1250 half marathoners! Way to go Slackers!

As a reminder, all race revenues benefit three charities:
1.Charlie’s Place Animal Shelter Spay-Neuter Fund
2.Youth Activities Scholarships at Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District for kids who want to learn to swim or play Little League or Lacrosse!
3.And, Mount Evans Home Health & Hospice—the only home health provider in this region of our divide!

At the risk of aging myself, does anyone remember “Miss Nancy” from the Romper Room television show in the 1970’s? She would look into the magic mirror to see the kids at home watching television----here is what I saw up close and personally!
 We had tons of kids handing you otter pops at the Finish Line for your burst of sugar!
 We had umpteen volunteers providing you water, Gatorade and gummy bears!
 We had the entire school bus team driving you uphill 2500 feet!
 We had County, local, regional, and State officials helping to park your cars, find your clothes at the finish, handing out t-shirts, handing out hot dogs, Pepsi, Tommyknocker Beer and your placement medals!
 We had many of you running for people who would give their next 10 paychecks to be able to run and walk as easily as you do!
 We had Team Beef showing off their team spirit and protein boosts!
 We had the 50 States Half Marathon club with racers from all over the country!
 We had my favorite superhero pups, Superman and Batman, for I believe the 7th year in a row!
 We had dancers in the beer tent!
 We had very happy dogs with their own water stations!
 We had mamas and daddies with strollers building a healthy lifestyle for our future children!
 We had people making comebacks after knee surgery---heart surgery---cancer remission---pregnancy, physical and mental challenges, blisters, heat exhaustion, chaffing, and still yet, YOU ALL PERSEVERED TO MAINTAIN YOUR STATUS AS A SLACKER FINISHER! Well done you! YOU SHOULD BE PROUD!
 My 2 ULTIMATE SLACKERS (the last to cross the finish line) brought tears to my eyes as numerous race volunteers and racers ran to the Finish to sing Queen’s “We Are the Champions!” in unison as they crossed the finish line! HOORAY! This moment is always our favorite!  
 Each of us has pushed our last muscle, our last mental determination and our last drop of sweat to achieve a goal! Watching others reach that moment makes the entire race worth it!
 YOU ALL remind me every year why we do this! Its to see your faces coming across the Finish Line while family, friends and even complete strangers cheer you on!
 Well done you Slackers!

Couple of quick links for you:



2017 SLACKER RACE DATE? June 24, 2017

WHERE IS MY RACE MEDAL? Email me  if you did not receive your placement medal in your age group!  

I did mail a lot of unclaimed clothing bags this week so let me know if you did not receive yours!

 We have the following sizes of the 2016 shirts left over for $10 each.
 Email me to order them and include a mailing address, how many, and what sizes. 
 I can mail them to you. 
 We have the following sizes:

Once again, YOU SLACKERS ARE TO BE COMMENDED AND THANKED! You travel all the way to little Georgetown Colorado to see the amazing Rocky Mountains, run in the cool air at over 10,000 feet, and smile every step of the way!
We cannot thank you enough!

Let me know if you have questions!


Beth, Race Director

Elevation Map?
The "MapMyRun" link has a great image!